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Per qual via? This was the duty of a generous lover. My heart, put aside your former tenderness: she who was your idol is your sovereign. Love must change to respect. Here she is. She has never seemed so lovely to my eyes.

Now it is forbidden to call me so. He enjoined me I feel close to death! I was I cannot speak. My Empress, farewell! I Caesar's bride? But why? O heavens! What shall I say? Permit me, my Empress, to take my leave.

"Sono qui per salvarla!"

Explain: tell me, how did it happen? In what way? When one soul unites with another, what joy a heart feels! Ah, eliminate from life all that is not love! Odimi prima. TITO Parla Valor che basti, non ho per obliarlo. Anche dal trono il solito sentiero farebbe a mio dispetto il mio pensiero. Pur si ritrova chi s'avventuri a dispiacer col vero. Alla grandezza tua la propria pace Annio pospone! Sgombra ogni tema. My Empress! Hear me first. I must reveal a secret to you.

Annius stole it from me long ago. I have not sufficient courage to forget him. Even were I Empress, despite myself, my thoughts would follow the same path. I know that to oppose an Emperor's will is a crime; but at least let all be made known to my sovereign; then, if he wants me for his bride, here is my hand.

For your greatness Annius sets aside his own peace!

La storia di Sāvitrī come raccontata da Vyāsa

You refuse a throne to be faithful to him! And I was to upset such tender love!

Ah, Titus's heart cannot harbour wicked sentiments. Cast aside all fears. I will tie so noble a knot. If only our state had more citizens like you! Rulers should not have to suffer such deep anxiety to distinguish hidden truth from deception. May I adore that face for which Titus's heart, wounded by love, has lost its rest? Questo soffrir degg'io vergognoso disprezzo? Ah, con qual fasto qui mi lascia costei! Ah, trema ingrato, trema d'avermi offesa. Oggi il tuo sangue Lentulo dove sta?

D'altri stimoli hai d'uopo? Must I still suffer shameful scorn? Ah, how ostentatiously she leaves me here. Cruel Titus, was it not enough to choose Berenice before me? I am then the last of the living. Ah, ingrate, tremble, tremble at having offended me! Today your blood Is the Capitol on fire? Is it in ashes? Where is Lentulus? Is Titus punished? And you return so coolly before me? Do you need further spurs? Know then that I loved Titus, that he prevents you from winning my heart; that if he remains alive I may relent; that I could perhaps love him again I do not trust myself.

Now go: if you are unmoved by desire for glory, ambition, love, if you can tolerate a rival who stole my affections, now opposes them and could steal them from you, I will say you are the most despicable of men.


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Arder vedrai fra poco il Campidoglio, e quest'acciaro nel sen di Tito Dunque corri; che fai? Ah, qual poter, oh Dei! Enough, enough, no more: your fury, Vitellia, has already inspired me. You soon shall see the Capitol aflame and this dagger in Titus's breast Then hurry: what are you doing?

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Why do you not go? I will be what you would most have me be, do whatever you wish. Look at me, and I will forget all and fly to avenge you; I will think only of that glance at me. Ah, ye gods, what power you have given beauty! Ti pentirai Ah, corri, va Tito alle tue stanze. At least it suffices to seduce your friends from you, even if it fails to attract you. You will be sorry Ah hurry, Titus is on his way to your apartments. He has chosen you as his consort.

Oh sdegno mio funesto! Oh insano mio furor! Che angustia, che tormento!

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Has he left? O my fatal indignation!

Tempopirata-La Principessa E Il Mio Tempo-Trailer 3

O my insane fury! What anguish, what torment! Oh god, I freeze with horror! Palpito, agghiaccio, m'incammino, m'arresto: ogn'aura, ogn'ombra mi fa tremare. Ma compirla convien. Almen si vada con valor a perir. Sesto infelice!